SHORT BIO / Felix Hernandez / Dreamphography

My name is Felix Hernandez and I run my photography studio “ Hernandez Dreamphography” based in Cancun, Mexico… In which I devolve creative concepts and images for commercial and personal projects, normally working and building scale models and scenes.

For me photography It’s not just about the final results but also the process behind an image. I try always to deliver both; The final result and the process in creating those images.

Who I am?
I woke up early in the morning (7:00 am); Quick bath, dress up, simple breakfast, drive to my studio about 5 minutes away from home. Once in the studio the first thing is a cup of coffee, followed of 2 hours of emails and social media reading and writing. By 10:00 am I’m all in the mood for creating; It can be building something, shooting a scene or sitting at my desktop playing in Photoshop.

I’m a 47 years old graphic designer, photographer, digital artist and miniature artist. Husband and father of two, living in Cancun, Mexico.

I manage my photography studio where I create high impact images for the advertising industry, branded content for digital media, and personal projects. My specialty is “creative photography”, normally working indoors shooting scale models and dioramas, doing practical effects as well digital art. By mixing all these disciplines I have developed a personal “visual language” that defines my style, which I call it “Dreamphography”

For me, photography is the means by which I can portray, not the reality, but all the ideas that arise from my mind.
The most important photo is the one I’m working on and my best photo is the one I’m going to create tomorrow.

I started 15 years ago doing “regular” commercial photography mostly for local businesses. About 7 years ago I decided to change the course of my career and life pursuing full time a kind of photography that now days isn’t very common. I went mixing my passion for toys and scale models  with photography and digital manipulation to develop a “new” way to communicate my ideas and dreams. It didn’t took so long for my new approach to photography to caught the attention of the photo community and it was followed by brands all over the world wanting to make commercial projects with my approach.

By trying new things I refreshed my photography, I opened new doors for creation, I found a new market and a whole old-new world to explore. Competition and small budgets wasn’t longer a thing to concern about. I had found my niche and my inner voice.

I’m never in my comfort zone. The kind of photography I do demands to try, test, experiment and repeat!… I’m not expert in anything, but I know a little bit of everything. I’m not afraid to fail and that’s my strength.

I’m a dreamer, but not because I’m seeking to fly high, but because literally I use my dreams as my main source of inspiration for creating. So, I don’t “dream big”, “I dream small”, and  just do.

I have just one ambition in which I’m totally focused; To create. The more I create the better and happier I feel. Growth, money, fame, recognition comes along if you do what you love for a long enough period of time.

I’m Felix Hernandez, I’m a creator.